Welcome! St. Moses Children’s Care Centre

St. Moses Children’s Care Centre is a Christian organization, situated in Njeru, Bukaya village 7 km from Jinja.

The Centre was started in the early 1970s by a Ugandan, Jane Babirye, who saw the great need for a home for orphans, abandoned, displaced and destitute children.

By this, she gathered orphans and needy children, welcomed mothers with their starving children, instructed them in childcare and nutrition and kept them until the children were healthy.

In 2019 the Centre supports 49 pupils at the Primary School level, 49 students in Secondary Schools, 21 in Vocational Institutions and 4 in Universities. All these 123 are given support under community-based care where they are attached to their distant relatives in the community. The most vulnerable cases, Primary 6 and 7 are accommodated in the Boarding section with other Boarding children during school time due to exceptionally sorry conditions at home, and intensive learning and preparation for final exams at the end of Primary 7 respectively. Pupils out of the Boarding section live in walking distance from St. Moses Primary School and therefore school there. Monitoring in their homes and schools is done by the Centre’s Social Worker. Home and family improvement is done by the Centre through funds of the foster parents, donations and via the Micro Finance program of the Centre to enable provision of children’s basic needs at home.

The Boarding Section and the St.Moses Primary school with capacity to accommodate 100 pupils and 700pupils respectively have only a quarter of these facilities utilized, thus a need to increase enrollment through more individual fosterships and other local avenues.  Because of the ever rising costs, it is anticipated that tuition will rise at different levels of education per term/quarter/Semester in 2020; day scholars at primary are expected to pay 75Euros (82US$) and 138euros (150US$) for the boarding section, tuition at secondary level is expected to be 150Euros(163US$), 250Euros(271US$) for Vocational Institutions and 375Euros(406US$) Universities.

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