St. Moses Children’s Care Centre is a Christian organization, situated in Njeru, Bukaya village 7 km from Jinja.   The Centre was started in the early 1970s by a Ugandan, Jane Babirye, who saw the great need for a home for orphans, abandoned, displaced and destitute children.  By this, she gathered orphans and needy children, welcomed mothers with their starving children, instructed them in childcare and nutrition and kept them until the children were healthy. 

Mama Jane, so named by everyone, was in close contact with churches, hospitals, the welfare office and the police.

After Mama Jane’s death in 1983, a Board of Trustees and a Management Board were formed who took up the responsibility of the Centre.

The Trustees are representatives of the Church of Uganda, African Evangelistic Enterprise and the Community where the Centre is located.

Additionally to those representatives the Management Board consists of a member of Njeru Division and of the Probation and Welfare Officer. All the above formulate the policies and draw the programs of the Centre.


Self sustaining Communities with guardians that can meet most of children’s’ basic needs.


To facilitate Human and Social development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and to ensure future self sustenance in their Communities.


Offering Social- Economic and spiritual support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children enabling them have an improved standard of living in their Communities.


  • To plan, support and implement Educational services for both residential and non residential Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
  • To provide Health Care services for both residential and non residential Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
  • To promote economic empowerment of the Centre through widening its financial base for its organizational sustainability.
  • To promote Community Development and ensure its sustainability.
  • To effect child rescue and integration.
  • To ensure monitoring and evaluation of all center activities. 
  • To empower all organizational members.