Volunteers and visitors are welcome also on a short term.


The rent for a month in St. Moses amounts to 180- Euro (250- US$) and should be paid in the office at the beginning of each month or directly from Europe to the St. Moses account 


Visitors and volunteers are accommodated in our guest houses.  You will have running water, electricity (except during a power breakdown) and a cooking place (powered with gas). You get some gas for the beginning but if it gets empty, you need to buy another filling for the gas cylinder  in Jinja  town at 120,000 – 150,000 Ush.

You will have the opportunity to eat Lunch (local food) with the staff members at 1:30 from Monday to Friday. Otherwise you need to be self catered. 

If you bring a Laptop you have the opportunity to use Internet in the Office but for only emails because downloads consume a lot of bites and in Uganda internet is still very expensive. For downloads if so wished, you can always visit internet cafes in Jinja town.

While at the Centre help can be provided in the following areas;

  • Leisure activities with the children
  • Homework with the children
  • Teach reading, writing children in lower classes
  • Do handcrafts, games, sports, take children swimming
  • Initiate any other activities

At the Primary School (founded by St. Moses Centre) volunteers can give support through

  •  Helping in the Nursery School
  • Teaching a subject according to syllabus
  • Sports, Games, handcrafts

Those interested in medical/health care can help at the Health Centre where St. Moses children go for treatment. 


  • speak English (will improve during stay)
  • Love children
  • Be creative
  • Be flexible
  • Enjoy simple life
  • Be healthy

There is time to travel the country and see other places if so wished.